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Package 01

the EMBLDN Experience

EMBLDN is my signature female empowerment experience, combining boudoir and editorial portrait photography. I'm here to guide your vision and help showcase your sparkle. Know you want something more than basic boudoir and simple portraits? Want to deeply tell the story of what makes you, YOU or simply have a fun stylized concept? Book a free consultation to see if this is the right experience for you and how we make your story come to life.


Consultation + Mood Board

Concept Styling Guidance

Professional Hair + Makeup

1 HR in a local studio

1 HR at an outdoor location

Photo Reveal Appointment

20 Images

Starting at


Add-on's available. See below

Package 02

creative portrait or Nature boudoir session

Very similar to the EMBLDN experience, just minus an hour in a studio. This is great if you're just looking for a quick option for creative portraits or nature boudoir. If you haven't ever considered stripping down in nature, consider it now! A nature boudoir experience is a powerful, liberating experience. It feels incredible connecting with Mother Earth in this way. Can confirm from first-hand experience.


Consultation + Mood Board

Concept Styling Guidance

Professional Hair + Makeup

90 MIN at an outdoor location

Photo Reveal Appointment

15 Images

Starting at


full Concept Styling

From wardrobe, to aesthetics, to lighting, to props, to the storyline, I provide it all based on our in-depth consultation and your completed questionnaire. The cost of this add on can vary based on your specific needs for your vision. This add on is ideal for brand identity shoots, but a fun playful experience for any woman looking to show off her personality.

Starting at $500

1 hr in a studio

Each studio varies in cost. After your consultation + completed client questionnaire, I will send you a list of all of my favorite studios and their cost. Some studios are limited in what can be accomplished, hence why they're cheaper, whereas a more expensive studio might have more features like lighting, props, space, etc.

range of

extra digital photos

After picking the initial amount of photos that come with your package, you have the option to purchase extra images with in-depth editing at these rates:

1 photo = $25

5 photos = $100 (save $25)

10 photos = $200 (save $50)

15 photos = $300 (save $75)

20+ photos = flat rate of $350

buy more + save

print products

Some of my absolute favorite print products include:

  • Premium Layflat Albums
  • "Secret photo box frame"
  • Matte prints to keep in your closet.

Spend $300 on products + get $50 off.

albums start
at $125


Check my travel calendar for upcoming destination locations.

Pay for my travel to any of these dream locations and your session is free (excluding hair and makeup):

  • Moab, Zions or White Pockets
  • PNW
  • The Grand Tetons
  • Yosemite
Travel starting
at $800

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I. What is your experience with photography?

In May of 2009 I "accidentally" booking a wedding based on photos of flowers I took on a small, cheap, digital camera (being a 16 year old just barely finishing her junior year of high school, I was MIND-BLOWN at the trust this couple had in me and that I was being paid $300/hr for my first gig. By far the best recognition I could have ever received). I then spent all summer saving up for a professional camera so I'd be ready for their wedding that fall. I have been a photographer now going on 15 years. While my focus was previously on relationships between couples and families, my focus shifted to female empowerment and brand editorial in 2021 after beginning my healing journey from postpartum rage + anxiety and having a faith transition.

II. What is your payment schedule?

My non-refundable retainer fee is $300 and due upon booking in order to secure your session date and time, this amount is applied toward your final cost. This amount allows me to reserve a professional HMUA + studio or begin prepping specific materials related to fulfilling your photoshoot needs. If adding concept styling, this add-on cost is due upon booking to allow me to do the necessary prepwork (building a backdrop, shopping for wardrobe, etc) well in advance of your session. The remaining balance is due 1 week before your session. I do have a payment plan available should you need it.

* Photography services are considered a product in UT and AZ and is subject to sales tax

III. What happens if I have to reschedule or cancel my session?

Cancellations forfeit the retainer fee, however, I am understanding of last minute emergencies and am always happy to reschedule. I require at least a 24 hour notice to reschedule. If notice is given less than 24 hours, there is a fee of $75 to reschedule.

IV. When will I receive my photos?

Every session includes a Photo Reveal and Ordering appointment which will occur 5-7 days after your session. These photos receive one pass-through edit where I pull the very best of the images and do a quick color edit. During this ordering session you'll be able to select your top favorite photos in the amount that is included in your package. These and any other images, should you choose to order any more for an additional fee, will go through another pass with editing where more in-depth retouching will occur, including removing temporary blemishes or distractions and adding any additional creative effects. You will also have the opportunity to order any additional products such as albums, prints, etc at this appointment.

Your final edited images will be available in an online gallery 2 weeks after this appointment and any products will be delivered in the printing company's timeline (depending on the size of your print order, it could be anywhere from 3-10 days, but my printing company is always very quick to turnaround and ship).

VI. What kind of editing will you do on my photos?

I do very minor skin retouching on temporary blemishes (anything you weren't born with or acquired as a natural part of aging/experiencing life, such as zits, bruises/scabs or small scars that don't have a story attached to them. I leave freckles, moles and birth marks) as well as very light skin-smoothing, simply for the fact that in certain lighting, the camera can be unforgiving on texture, making skin look dull. I do not, however, ever alter body shape and size. As a professional photographer, directing you into poses that compliment your natural frame are my top priority. It is my strong-held belief that you are perfect just as you are and worthy of being captured in your real beauty and it doesn't need to be changed. If you have body alteration requests, I am not the photographer for you.

All of the editing on your specific images will be gone over in your photo-reveal appointment, noting what is a birth mark and what is a bruise, etc.

Aside from the minor skin retouching, I will also apply a creative edit, matching my current editing style that is present across my website and social media accounts.

VII. Do you offer discounts?:

If you're shopping for a photographer based on price alone, I may not be the photographer for you, as I offer a luxury service and my professional experience is over a decade in the making. However, as a thank you to my clients that invest with me for boudoir and creative portraits, I do offer 25% off family sessions.