From This babe About her Arizona desert boudoir session:

"Is it wrong to see these new shoots you’ve done and be longing to do another one already?! 😍😂 

When I decided to do this shoot, it was 100% just for me. Hence, being naked. 😉 sarah, I have never felt more myself then those moments in the desert, in front of your camera. You touched a part of my soul that reminded me who I was and that I didn’t need to dim myself for anyone. Something about being grounded in nature and having a badass babe scream your worth at you… ha it’s indescribable. I look at this shoot, not because I think I look sexy (which I do, thank you) but it is a reminder of the kickstart I made to choose me. To be me. Anyway, I just want you to know that you are a beautiful soul. And this shoot was much more to me than just beautiful boudoir photos. 💗"