Perfectly imperfect

Give me a last minute, thrown together wardrobe, chipped nail polish, fun kiddos and smushy baby kisses and I'm a happy photographer. Nothing beats the perfectly imperfect, the real life, the authenticity, because these are the moments you'll look back on and remember fondly. Not the fights to get your child to dress your way or stress over making every detail picture-perfect. Because you and your kiddos, in your realness IS picture-perfect and worthy of being captured!

Last session in Arizona before moving to Utah

Justine is my longest lasting deep friendship. We've known each other since junior high and I've been lucky enough to witness her becoming an inspiring woman, a patient and amazing mother x3 and a beautiful soul all-around, and get to photograph so many of her life moments. I made sure to get her and her sweet little fam in front of my camera one more time before we packed up and moved to the Utah County area after ringing in the new year. While this was my last session before the move, it doesn't mean I won't ever be back in Arizona, I plan to visit at least a couple times per year and schedule at least one day of sessions each time I'm there.

I can't wait to get to do more family and creative portrait sessions here near Lehi where we've moved to and in the Salt Lake City area. It's dead-middle of winter and I'm already mind-blown over the scenery. We spent our first weekend here checking out Midway and playing in the snow with our girls. I'll share more of those photos next, but for now, enjoy more of these family photos in the lush desert of Arizona.