happy solar return to me.

Another year. Another chance at reclaiming my sovereignty and peace.

I've really loved the lessons I've learned in the past year. And while I don't even come close to having my shit together or knowing the secrets to a successful and happy life, I sure as hell want to continue to enjoy the journey, no matter how bumpy, messy, sometimes hair-frazzling wild the roller coaster might be.

I decided to document a couple things about this year and mark my growth to be able to reflect back on as I reach this same time in 2024. Like the good ol' days when blogging was cool (p.s. it still is cool).

Some ways I've been spending my days that bring me so much joy:

  • Drinking coffee on the porch as the sun rises, doing a daily tarot reading, journaling and learning to trust my intuition again.
  • Having cute aggression with my nearly one year old baby (she has truly been one of my favorite parts about my 30th year) - I can't help but smother her in squeezes and kisses.
  • Visiting with neighbor friends. Our little block is like a unicorn. Truly one of a kind where you can eat picnic style dinners on the lawn together last minute and the kids play in the street until sundown, where you can ask for a cup of flour, or be invited into their real life homes that have walls with sticky handprints or dirty clothes in the hallways. I'm so lucky to have found a village I cherish where everyone feels like family more than neighbors.
  • Discovering new music that makes me feel alive, inspired, seen or encouraged. Especially if it's a fun one to dance to.
  • My husband and I having mindset + business discussions and dreaming of all of the possibilities for our family. Also commiserating over how our daughters can be such adorable little jerks. Haha!
  • Living on Pinterest and remembering what it's like to give a middle-finger to overthinking. All of the beautiful imagery soothes my brain.

My hopes for my 31st year:

  • Continue to prioritize my self-care and self-trust/intuition.
  • Practice letting go of control and overthinking.
  • Relearn how to breathe and ground in the anxiety-filled moments and know that everything is always going to be okay.
  • Believe that there is a greater Source/divine power that has my best interest at heart.
  • Indulge. Love harder. Make the art. Decorate the house. Get the hair done. Hire a nail artist. Buy the accessories. Get a tattoo (or 10). Read so many books. Wear the sexy underwear. Dance in the rain. Climb the mountain. Pitch a tent. Plan the girls' nights. Enjoy every ounce of fun and beauty out of life.

*I created a Pinterest board just for inspiration for the year ahead*

I want to look back and be able to say, "31 year old Sarah was a vibe."

I never thought I'd be excited to be in my 30's but after the first magical year in it, I can't wait to see how the rest of my 30's plays out.